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All about hardwood

Wood floors have a timeless classic elegance, and hardwood floors work well with any style decor, from the most traditional to contemporary and cottage-like. They never go out of style, and if you tire of the color, just have the floors sanded and restained.

It can be exciting, but overwhelming, to shop for flooring so here are some of our tips for making it easier.

New Braunfels Flooring & Design Center offers design consultation, whether it’s in your house or our showroom. When it’s in-house, it also gives the professionals an opportunity to measure and examine the room so they can provide the best information possible.

Our inventory also includes carpet, vinyl, ceramic and porcelain, and waterproof WPC and our showroom is in New Braunfels, TX. We also serve Canyon Lake, San Marcos, McQueeney, Seguin, and Schertz.

What you should know

1. Hardwood is durable and long-lasting, but it can be damaged by excess water. Wipe spills immediately, and never install it in a high-moisture room that is also prone to leaks and floods.
2. There are two kinds of hardwood: solid and engineered. Solid is a slab of wood that goes throughout the plank. Engineered has a slab of wood on top and then is layered with woods and veneers, each one placed in crosswise positions to give it more stability and water resistance. Solid is the wood most damaged by water. Engineered fares a little better, but you need to still wipe spills and keep it from being submerged. It can’t be said often enough: Engineered wood is considered real wood, so much so that real estate sales associates are legally allowed to advertise it as such in their marketing materials.
3. Each plank is completely unique. Because wood comes from Mother Nature, each plank will be a work of natural art, with its own pattern and color. Each species, whether domestic or exotic, also has its own grain and pattern, so every installation will be individual.
4. Sometimes it looks even better with age. Those tiny color changes and little scratches only add character. If it’s too much for you, though, a refinishing (with or without sanding) is probably all that’s needed, so don’t throw them out!
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in New Braunfels, TX from New Braunfels Flooring & Design Center
While the initial price might cause a little sticker shock, remember that hardwood will last for years, sometimes even up to 100 years. It also adds value to your home, and there’s also the visual appeal, because houses with wood floors just sell faster.

Also, all hardwood is strong, but some woods are harder than others. Be sure to discuss your needs with your flooring expert.

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