If you've been shopping around for flooring, especially Carpet, you may have noticed some advertisements offering "Free Carpet Pad" with Carpet Installation.  You're probably smart enough to know that it's not actually free.  

Start by taking a look at which Carpet Pad is "included for free."  You'll probably find that there is a standard pad that goes with any type of carpet you choose, but Carpet Pad selection is more complicated than that.  

Where the Carpet is being installed is another factor in which Carpet Pad is right for your job.  The same Carpet will have different Pad requirements if it's going on the stairs vs. a bedroom.  Know the traffic in the area and what's underneath the carpet in any area before you select a Pad for it. 

Whether you are choosing Berber, Broadloom or Carpet Tiles, look at the Manufacturer's Recommendations for the right Carpet Pad to select.  Extra weight is recommended where there will be heavy traffic or on stairs.  You also want to take a look at the Thickness of the Carpet Pad.  There is such a thing as "too thick," and you don't want to cause unnecessary wear on your Carpet by choosing the wrong Pad to go underneath it.

You'll probably find that the Carpet Pad that is advertised as Free with Installation doesn't meet the manufacturer's suggestions.  But even if that's not important to you, take a look at the Total Amount of the Quote you receive.  If you do the Math, you'll most likely find that the cost of the Pad is still there, it's just not directly listed on the Quote.  

For a free, straightforward Flooring Estimate from a Local Business you can trust: Contact Us and we'll be glad to help you choose the Carpet Pad you want. (and not hide the cost somewhere else.)