One of the most common calls for help we receive is from Homeowners whose Dogs caused damage to an area of their carpet. These frustrated pet parents want to know if we can patch the carpet, here's what you need to know about patches vs. replacement and what to do if you find yourself in this predicament...

Supplies needed to Patch Carpet

1. Utility Knife
2. Carpet remnant
3. Seam Tape

Steps to Patch Carpet

1. First, cut out the carpet area that is damaged.
2. Then, use the piece you removed as a template to cut the replacement piece with. You'll want to use a scrap piece of matching carpet - hopefully, you have enough leftover from when it was installed.
3. Then, follow the instructions to apply seam tape and adhere replacement carpet piece.

Dye lots vary in color and it can actually be more of an eyesore to have a mis-matched piece in place over where the dog damaged your carpet.
Patching carpet may seem pretty simple in theory, but sometimes there isn't any leftover carpet from the original installation. This presents a problem because even when the homeowner knows the original style and color of the carpet, we can't know which dye lot it came from.

Different carpet pieces attract different levels of soil and debris.

Your carpet gathers dirt over time. Where dirt gathers, more dirt gathers. That's why traffic patterns increase in visibility exponentially. Different pieces of carpet will attract different levels of soil, causing the carpet patch to become more distinctly different over time.

If you still have leftover carpet from the original installation, a carpet patch could be a good solution. If you don't have the same carpet on-hand, a replacement is a better solution.

PRO TIP: Whenever you buy Carpet, save some extra in a dry, dark space.

If you're not sure if carpet patching or carpet replacement is the right solution for you, contact us for an expert opinion!