What To Expect At Your In-Home Consultation

When we visit your Home for the initial consultation or to measure, this is what we cover in our assessment of the job. Each of these important elements are key factors in ensuring the longevity of your floors.


The Temperature and Humidity levels in your home must meet the manufacturer’s criteria. Some materials might expand or contract seasonally and we need to determine which materials will be suitable for your home.

Delivery and Acclimation

Based on your timeline, we will plan a time to deliver the materials before installation. Acclimation conditions your flooring to your home’s environment and typically requires 24-72 hours.

Furniture Moving

We’ll take note of any furniture or appliances that may require special handling and determine necessary steps to protect your walls, window treatments and furniture during the installation process.

Removal of Old Flooring

We offer traditional and dust free flooring removal services and will discuss the benefits of each with you.

Subfloor Prep

Once flooring is removed, the subfloor will then be cleaned and repaired as the final step before installing your new floors. The surface must be clean, dry and completely level before we install new floors.


A pad can be added underneath hard surfaces to act as a moisture-barrier as well as providing acoustic benefits. Or, you might select a material that already has a pad attached. All carpet requires some level of padding. We’ll discuss foot-traffic and exposure to moisture to determine the best choice for you.

Installation of Trim

Where shoe-mold, t-mold, quarter-round or other molding is required to complete your project we will show you various options that would provide those finishing touches.