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Tile is a very durable surface when protected and maintained properly. These three basic tips apply to most porcelain and ceramic tiles, but always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for tile flooring care and maintenance to maintain the product warranty.

The first and most important tip for Tile Care is: Sweep or vacuum your floors regularly. No fancy brooms or specialty vacuums required, this basic task is the most important step to ensure that your floors last a lifetime. It can be easier to keep up with sweeping if you have a broom nearby, so keep more than one in different high-traffic areas around the house. If you do this simple task whenever you see the need, you won’t need to do a deep clean nearly as often. {Pro Tip: If you do have a robotic vacuum, you can schedule it to do a once-over daily. It will also serveSe as a reminder to do a quick pick-up before that thing gets going every day so you don’t miss any areas that may need attention, like gunk or spills.}

Second of all: Protect your tile from sand and grit. It can be hard to stick to a “No Shoes in the House” rule, but if you dedicate a space for shoes near the entrances to your home visitors will be more likely to remove their shoes and help you contain the grit on them to one area. Tiny pieces of sand and grit can scratch the surface of tiles, leading to noticeable stains later. A small area rug at the door can also trap incoming dirt. If you have pets, hang a towel by the door so you can wipe their paws when you come in from walks extra wall down between the kitchen and living room, but it’s just not the right time. You can refresh a space, enhance visual appeal and resale value, and even make a room feel larger by painting one wall a different cover. This technique is considered a type of accent wall and has been trending hard the last few years.

Third, Use gentle cleaners and never use cleaners that contain ammonia, acids or bleach. There are so many great products for cleaning that are healthier for our families and friends. Harsh cleaning agents can etch tile and change the color of your grout over time. If you have glazed tile, you definitely want to avoid cleaning products that contain oil as it can cause the Tile to become very slippery, resulting in accidents
If you think that there is a defect in your hard surface product that is covered by product warranty, you must notify the Retailer to file the claim with the Manufacturer as soon as you notice it. Be sure to provide a full description of the problem, photos if available, and proof of purchase.

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