A round up of new designs, styles, colors and sizes in Tile that we’ve been seeing recently….

Nature-Inspired Tile in Porcelain and Ceramic

Nothing is more breathtaking than beautiful natural stone, and now more than ever you can achieve that look with better durability at lower price points. Forget about meticulous maintenance requirements, you can hardly tell the difference between polished Marble-inspired porcelain.

Nature inspired tile flooring

Wood floors are a dream for a lot of people, but they can be a nightmare if exposed to water or mistreated.  The wood-look tile trend is gaining popularity, with more colors and sizes making for more pattern possibilities like the Herringbone look that is showing up everywhere right now.

Other shapes that you’ll start to see everywhere in stone and wood looks are hexagons and rhombuses -- either on their own or interplaying with traditional planks.  People are bringing both trends together, pairing stone looks with wood looks for a natural aesthetic that is both stunning and long lasting.

Beautiful tile flooring
Olympia, by Shaw is available in a variety of natural wood colors can be installed in various patterns

Tile flooring with a touch of blue

Bold, Brilliant Colored Tile

Colored tiles are available in every hue but we are definitely seeing a growing trend of people incorporating more vibrant blues in their designs. Early indicators of this trend started last year when we saw more and more people moving away from gray’s to grayish-blues and then muted blues which remain very popular in our area.

Instagram post from atileforyourthoughts

Pantone and Sherwin Williams weighed in early-on this year when they each announced their “Color of the Year,” both echoing each other’s forecasts:

Pantone Color of the Year 2020

Sherman-Williams Color Of The Year 2020



Patterns are here to stay

With the resurgence of the encaustic tile look in 2017, people started to embrace bold patterns. That made way for the rise in popularity of hand-painted cement tiles and funky, more modern patterns on ceramic. 

Patterned tile

Geometric tile

Custom tile backsplash

Reimagine your Home with Current Tile Design Trends

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