Our Flooring Design Center in New Braunfels serves local builders, contractors, architects, interior designers. We are also open to the public by appointment and can help the homeowner who wants us to take care of installation, or the DIY’er who wants a great deal on flooring to install themselves.

What can you expect while visiting our local Flooring Showroom & Warehouse:

• We can order any material or supplies you need from our extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers. We have all the Traditional products, but we work really hard to display only the best value material. We do exhaustive research on everything out there, so you’ll find a carefully curated selection on our Showroom Floor.

• We are efficient so you can expect a Quick Turnaround Time on most products. Some made-to-order materials will take longer to get in, but because we act fast and communicate frequently throughout the process, you can be sure they will get to you as soon as possible.

• We will not disappoint you! When you shop at a local flooring store instead of a large retailer, you’re buying from your Neighbor. It would sure be awkward if we ran into you at HEB after we’d disappointed you! Not only that, our store runs on referrals and reviews so we depend on your satisfaction to stay in business.

Call or Email to Book an appointment at our Showroom located at 1269 Summerwood Drive, #406 in New Braunfels.