What is "Loose-Lay" Flooring?
A brilliant innovation in Resilient Flooring, originally invented in the 1980's. Even though it's been around for 40 years, it's still a relatively new concept in our area.  It has all the benefits or a Laminate or standard Click-Lock Luxury Vinyl Plank.  BUT, it doesn't require adhesive and is incredibly versatile. The weight of each plank coupled with a special rubber backing, holds it in place over all kinds of subfloors.  It's pretty amazing.

Why do our Customers LOVE it?
Because of it's incredible versatility.  Available in a wide range of looks and styles,  it can even be installed directly over tile. That means, no demo, quick installation for fast and beautiful results.  It's also waterproof and durable, so it can last a lifetime.  (Even if you move, you can just grab it and take it with you!  Which has made it widely popular in Europe.)

If you are considering new floors or an update to your existing floors, just visit our Design Center to choose from our variety of Samples.