If you've ever visited us at our Design Center, you may have been one of the several people who have told us "I didn't even know you were here!"  After we started to notice that our Customers were consistently using the words "Hidden Gem," when writing Reviews, it brought to mind some of my favorite places here in our Hometown. 

Looking through the Records in all the rooms of this little old house feels like stumbling upon a treasure trove of Vinyl in your Friend's attic. That's because it actually started as someone's personal record collection before it was a Shop. Dr. Blair who has a Practice down the Street, runs the store with his Family and you can tell that it's a labor of love... Some of the sweet details throughout; including a groovy lounge area and a handwritten sign on the window that simply says 'they are open if they are there, and they are closed if no ones there.' Visit this Hidden Gem before everyone catches on....

Stingray Records
243 N Union Ave, New Braunfels, TX 78130

Books, Crystals, & Tea Room
Mochi Lovers, Rejoice! Another treasure hidden in plain sight, this "Metaphysical Supply Store" serves Serenity as well as refreshments.  You can find everything from Salt Lamps to Singing Bowls available for Curbside Pickup.  Catch a Meditation online Thursdays or Sundays!

Every Day Zen
1305 W San Antonio St, New Braunfels, TX 78130

This is a new little (online) joint that won't be little for long... It's Facebook Group for the Facebook-Group-Fatigued where Locals can "Ask, Tell and Share everything NB." Before you scroll right past this part, check it out. No one needs more clutter to clog up their feed, and this group is the exact opposite. Real people in real time, loving real life in New Braunfels. Who couldn't use a little more niceness right now?

New Braunfels Local

(photos: New Braunfels Local, Pink Warrior AdvocatesLokal Stregth, Petals & Pieces Co..)

Did you know these wonderful hidden gems were here?

Which sweet spots have you discovered in New Braunfels?

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