We get asked whether or not we move furniture a lot and the answer is "Yes! Your Installation Team will move furniture."  Keep in mind that for an Installation Team, "Moving Furniture" means shifting it as needed to complete the flooring.  If it's not necessary for them to move all of your furniture entirely out of the house to another storage area, they will carefully slide it out of the way and then move it back once the flooring in that area is complete. 

Flooring installers will also move your Appliances, but we may need to call in an Electrician or Plumber to disconnect and reconnect certain appliances. Please let us know in advance if you have Gas Appliances or a Home Theater with extensive wiring that will need to be carefully moved to accommodate your flooring installation. 

Certain items like Pool Tables, Pianos and Murphy Beds require specialized Moving Experts. If you have one of these items, please contact us about a Quote that is inclusive of these special requirements. You can also contract your own service providers to take care of these items.

This is a list of other things that you can do to prepare for hardwood, tile, vinyl, stone or carpet installation:

Complete your Home Remodeling projects before the Flooring Installation Team arrives If you've been working on painting areas of your home or doing general repairs, finishing these projects first will help to keep your new flooring beautiful.

Use Masking Tape to put Tarps or Plastic Sheeting in place We will do our best to protect your home from dust migration, but you know your Home best, so if you tape off areas that do not need to be accessed by our Installation Crew and place plastic over fixtures or features that are prone to collecting dust, that will help us to get started!

Think about your Pets It can be upsetting to some animals to have strangers come in and tear up their home, sometimes there are loud sounds so it's best to make alternate accommodations for your pet during the time that the flooring is being installed. There is also quite a bit of coming-and-going as old floors are taken up and disposed of and new floors are brought in by the box. With the opening and closing of the door, pets may be safer in another location.