How to Prepare for your Flooring Installation

So, your Flooring Installation is coming up and you want to know what to do and what not to do before we get there…

Here’s what we’ll need from you before we get started on installation.

  • Clear Floor in the room(s) where flooring is being installed
  • Clear surfaces on Furniture that will be moved
  • Access to an outdoor, GFCI-protected, electrical outlet
  • A hard work surface, such as a concrete patio or garage floor

Clear all Surfaces

We will move furniture as needed, but imagine you are about to vacuum the room and please remove anything that would get in the way before the guys get there… If you have TVs, speaker sound systems or computers plugged into outlets (or other cords that might get in the way,) please detach and stow them away. Clear all desks, tables, shelves, dressers, closet floors and remove all bedding. Finally, vacuum or clean the existing floors to minimize dust and particles.

Pack up Fragile Items

Although we will be as careful as possible in your home, dust inevitably migrates no matter what we do to minimize it. The fewer objects that are around to collect dust, the easier it will be to clean up afterwards. We will shift pieces around as we work so we ask you to remove anything on shelves or furniture pieces to protect your things. Put any vases, lamps, collectibles or heirlooms in a safe place.

Make room for Material Preparation

In order to cut wood boards and trim, we will need access to an Outlet that is near a level area and as close to the entry of the home as possible. If you do not have electricity or you’re not sure if you have a suitable work area for us, please let us know so we can come up with a solution before your installation.