It's not uncommon for consumers to seek out multiple bids for their flooring projects. Don't be shocked if the square footage on your Estimate varies between the different Quotes.

Estimators use a range of methods to calculate how much material will be required for your job. The square footage reflected on your quote is not intended to be an accurate value that reflects the exact square footage of your home or space.  In some cases, drawings of a property are used to calculate total flooring materials requirements and those can also vary from the square footage of the property.  There is no precise rule that governs this process. 

Generally, the area of the flooring project is based on measurements that are physically taken by the Estimator or recorded from drawings. The resulting square footage is then combined with other numbers based on a variety of job factors. Whether or not trim will be used... If so, what type of trim will be used.... Whether or not there is existing flooring to take up... special requests and unique details are also taken into consideration. 

To compare square footage pricing of different flooring quotes, choose 1 number to represent your square footage and divide each total estimate by that figure. Make sure that every quote includes the exact same things and notice if any of those quotes cover additional services that may be left out on the other ones. 

Flooring is a complex trade and requires expertise and precision. Choosing the quote that amounts to the lowest cost per square foot could result in additional expenses. The most important thing to remember is that quality is paramount in a successful flooring installation and if you choose the lowest bid, you might end up getting what you paid for. 

If you received a flooring quote and you're not sure you're getting the best deal, give us a call! We are happy to review your project and provide a quote to you.