Dustless floor removal

Dustless Floor Removal is a new DUST FREE technique for removing flooring while containing, filtering, monitoring and collecting toxic airborne dust particles. Using a high powered HEPA vacuum system, dust and toxins are contained. This specialty equipment collects dust as the flooring is removed so it’s never released in the air. The air is also filtered within a 3,000 sq. ft. range.


The air filtration system actually improves the existing air quality in your home or business. We use meters to verify that pollutants, toxins and allergens are significantly reduced.

Ductwork is protected and HVAC systems are saved from airborne dust particles.

The process is ultra-clean. There is no mess is left behind, so no need to cover furniture and appliances with plastic sheeting.
New Braunfels Flooring is proud to offer Dustless Removal of thinset, ceramic, porcelain, saltillo, marble, travertine, slate, sandstone, wood, adhesive, paint, micro topping, stained concrete finishes, sheet vinyl and more.

The dustless process is 30-50% faster than the traditional method of demo’ing floors, and it creates the ideal surface for new flooring.

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As an EPA certified renovation professional service, we provide important protections for you. Our high standards require us to take certain actions to protect your family, customers, and employees​ during and after renovations. It’s our job to protect you!