Common Carpet Pad Questions (& the Answers)

What does carpet pad density mean?

Density = Weight x 1 Cubic Foot. For example, a cubic foot chunk of an 8-lb pad would weigh ….8 pounds. The industry standard recommendation is a minimum of 5lb. carpet pad density for light traffic areas and 6.5lb carpet pad density for heavy traffic areas.

How much does carpet pad cost?

Short answer? $0.50-ish per square foot or more. Long answer: There’s a pretty big price range depending on the manufacturer and composition of the carpet pad. There are so many different types of carpet pad, made of everything from recycled materials to luxury memory foam and brand name spill protection barriers

Does carpet pad need a spill protection barrier?

If there’s any chance you might spill something on your carpet or walk across it with wet feet, having a moisture barrier to deter it from soaking into the carpet pad can prolong the life of your carpet and reduce the chance of stains.

Why do I even need the carpet padding?

Another term for carpet pad is “underlay” because it’s the foundation of your carpet. It’s job is to protect the carpet’s underside from wear against the subfloor. It’s also referred to as “carpet cushion” because it absorbs the impact of foot traffic and furniture. One of the reasons carpet is still around even with the evolution and affordability of alternative flooring materials is the comfort factor. The level of comfort you feel when you step into a carpeted space is largely due to the carpet pad underneath.