Prevention is the first step in protecting your carpet investment. Keep dirt and soil out of your house by placing walk-off mats at every entrance. Make sure to clean these mats periodically, and while you’re at it sweep entrance ways to your home. The less excessive dirt there is on your sidewalks and entrance, the less there is on the mat, the less dirt on the mat, the less dirt will make it onto your carpet.

The more you vacuum, the longer your carpets will last. Most of the dirt that ends up in carpets is made of hard particles that are abrasive to the carpet fibers when walked on. Use a good vacuum that is certified through the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Spot treat spills quickly to lessen the likelihood of staining. There is no such thing as a truly “stain proof carpet,” but stain-resistance buys you a little time to spot treat as needed.

Stain removal and cleaning

When you notice the spill use a serving spoon to gently scrape up as much as possible. Then, grab some absorbent white cloth or paper towels. Whatever you do, do not rub wet areas of the carpet. Work from the outside in and blot wet spills. Rinse with water and blot again to make sure there’s no residue left behind. If the area is particularly wet, stack some towels and top them with a weighted object.

Professional carpet cleaning

At least once every 2 years, hire a carpet cleaning company or rent a steam machine to clean the carpet. Be sure to review your product warranty first in case the manufacturer specifies use of a certain method.

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