1. Remove small movable items (decorative items, lamps, plants, TVs, DVD players, and fragile, irreplaceable and/or sentimental items) out of the area being done. Installers cannot be responsible for moving these items.  Please clear out closet floors. Strip beds.  Hallways that have hanging or breakable items should be cleared. When contracted for, we will move the stove, refrigerator, and heavier pieces.

    2. Remove any pictures and wall decorations in the area being done, as well as in adjacent areas and rooms beneath the room being covered.  Remove light globes or fluorescent tubes in the areas below the rooms we are working in.  Much of our work requires hammering and these items may be jarred and break from the vibration.

      3. If you have a grandfather clock, pool table, piano, organ, or aquarium that will require special handling, please make arrangements to have them moved before the installers arrive.  Wall units and entertainment units should be emptied and separated if they are bolted together.  We do not move computers, televisions, stereo systems, and similar items.  Any furniture, electrical items, and/or appliances that you are responsible for moving should be moved completely out of the work area.

        4. Please remove from the refrigerator anything that might spill or be broken during movement.

          5. If the china cabinet or hutch is to be moved, please remove all dishes, crystal, etc.  Installers cannot be responsible for moving these items.

            6. New Braunfels Flooring is not responsible for damage to concealed phone lines and security systems wires.  Please make our installer aware of any hidden lines that you are aware of.  If you are not sure, call your security company.


            1. Climate control. . . Air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems must be operating.  The temperature and relative humidity in your home must be at “normal living conditions” which is the humidity being between 30—50% and the temperature within 60—80 degrees Fahrenheit.  If the home is vacant, please begin setting your HVAC to these temperatures several days prior to the installation.  If product is being delivered to your home for acclimation prior to the installation, you will need to do this several days in advance and you should not make any changes to the thermostat settings once the product in in the home.

              2.   Demolition. . . Flooring is remodeling.  Understand that a product that is properly installed may create a temporary inconvenience in your home.  There will be noise, dust, nail pops, and some vapors during the demolition process.  If a closet or pantry is included in the areas where the demolition is being done, all items (clothing, groceries, etc.) must be removed.  Any drapes, swags, and valances should be removed prior to demolition. When the work is completed, you may need to replace or repaint your base and shoe moldings, as well as your walls. 

              3.   Moisture readings. . . Moisture readings will be taken before we begin installing new wood, laminate, and luxury vinyl/  The parameters of moisture readings for both the flooring and your subfloor are quite specific.  There are occasions that certain job site related moisture problems must be corrected before we can install the new floor.  Unfortunately, there is usually no way to determine this until immediately before we begin the installation.  When a job site related moisture problem is detected, you may incur additional charges in order for the problem to be corrected.

              4.   Dust . . . Some of our operations, such as sanding, leveling or floor prep, removal of old floors, undercutting door jambs, installation of underlayment, and removal of old carpet padding may create an unusual amount of dust or dirt.  Dust from these operations could infiltrate to other areas of the house despite plastic being hung.  Be prepared to remove this fine dust that may have accumulated, despite our best efforts to contain it.  We will always attempt to keep it to a minimum, but please understand . . .

              5.   Children and pets . . . Please keep small children and pets in another part of the house while we are working.

              6. Shoemolding or quarter round. . . If you currently have shoemold, we will replace it with new shoemold.  (NOTE:  Shoemolding is not normally used on carpet installations.  If you have this molding in an area where carpet is being installed, the molding will be removed and discarded unless otherwise noted on your contract.)  Please understand that some paint will chip when the molding is removed.  You will probably need to touch-up paint your baseboards.  If you have chosen new shoemold, our installers do not match paint or paint the new shoemold.  We will either stain and urethane coat the shoemold or install primed shoemold.  Prefinished shoemold can be special ordered at approximately twice the price of standard shoemold.  This must be priced and ordered in advance of your installation.

                7. Touch-up painting. . . There will almost always be some touch-up painting required following installation.  While our installers are as careful as possible, you should plan on doing some touch-up painting once your job is completed.  Due to the coarseness of carpet backing and the procedure of carpet installation, your baseboards may be slightly marred.

                  8. Doors. . . Quite often doors will need to be cut following completion of the installation. If we are cutting any doors, there will always be an additional charge for this.

                    9. Seams . . . We use the latest technology and techniques, but there are some products which show seams more readily . . . for example, BERBERS.  Although we cannot guarantee invisible seams, we try to consult with our customers about the best location of the seams.

                      10. Squeaks . . . Movement of your subfloor normally causes floor squeaks.  It is always an additional charge for us to attempt to solve the problem.  However, while we will do everything possible to eliminate the squeak we cannot guarantee the total removal of the sound.  

                        11. Traffic on new floors. . . You can walk on most of the floors that we install as soon as we finish the installation.  However, you will need to stay totally off ceramic/porcelain/stone floors for 24 hours while the thinset dries.  You also need to avoid walking on a floor that has been coated with polyurethane in your home for a minimum of 24 hours.  When in doubt, ask your installer before you walk on your new floor.


                          Sanding and refinishing your wood floors will add value and beauty to your home, but with any home improvement you should expect some disruption and inconvenience.  We will employ our experience, the latest equipment and the most environmentally safe materials to complete the work with the least possible disruption.  However, you should be aware of the following factors:

                          * Some customers prefer to be away (on vacation, etc.) during the finishing process. Please be aware that someone must be available to approve the stain color.  Arrangements must be made for you or someone you trust to authorize the stain color before the staining process can begin.  Please make sure we also know your choice of gloss level of the polyurethane.

                          *No other floor traffic should be allowed during the sanding and finishing process.

                          *There will be noise, dust, and some vapors during the sanding and finishing process.

                          *If a closet or pantry is included in the areas being sanded or screened, all items (clothing, groceries, etc.) must be removed.

                          *Any drapes, swags, and valances should be removed prior to sanding.

                          *Please keep pets and children away from work areas.

                          *You may not walk on the floors while stain and finish are wet.  Allow a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours for these finishes to dry.  Make sure all family members know to check with the Lead Installer of the crew daily before walking on the floor.  If the Lead Installer is not available, call our Installation Department before you walk on the floor! Walking on wet floors could involve costly repairs.

                          *When the work is completed, you may need to replace or repaint your base and shoe moldings, as well as your walls. 

                          *Dust from the sanding process could infiltrate to other areas of the house despite plastic being hung.

                          Be prepared to remove this fine dust that may have accumulated, despite our best efforts to contain it.

                          *Although finishes may appear dry, they are not completely cured for a minimum of seven (7) days after the job is completed. You should “baby” the floor during this time period.  Do not use anything other than a dry mop on the floors while the finish is curing. Area rugs should not be placed on the wood floors for a minimum of two weeks. 

                          A FEW WORDS ABOUT MAINTENANCE . . .

                          You have made an investment in quality floor covering.  New Braunfels Flooring wants you to get the full value from it.  If your salesperson has failed to give you adequate maintenance instructions for your new floor covering, or you do not fully understand, please do not hesitate to call us.  Proper maintenance will add years to the life of your new floor.  New Braunfels Flooring has available a complete line of cleaning products for carpet. vinyl, laminate and wood floors.   

                          WOOD, LAMINATE AND VINYL FLOORS . . .
                          Sweep or vacuum regularly---grit is a mortal enemy of wood, laminates and vinyl.  Also, use only recommended cleaners from FLOORING manufacturers.  When it is necessary to move appliances, do so only over a piece of masonite or plywood.

                          CARPETED AREAS . . . Frequent vacuuming will add life to your carpet—we recommend an upright vacuum.  You should expect a certain amount of shedding.  This will dissipate over a period of time.  If your carpet seems to lose its luster and life, it probably needs cleaning.  Most carpet should be professionally cleaned every six to eighteen months, based upon the amount of traffic it receives.

                          Please report any warranty-related problems within 72 hours of your noticing the problem.  You will receive your labor warranty by mail and whatever product warranty information we have available from the manufacturer (if any) by e-mail within a few weeks of the completion of your installation.

                          Thank you again for selecting New Braunfels Flooring.  Please call if you have any questions regarding your preparation for your installation.  If, at any time during your installation, you discover any concerns that you feel New Braunfels Flooring should be responsible for, please notify us immediately.  New Braunfels Flooring reserves the right to inspect any damage that may occur during the installation process.

                          We sincerely appreciate your business and cooperation and hope you will recommend us to your friends.