5 Steps to a Clean Home after a Renovation Project

There’s nothing more exciting about a home renovation than the day the work is done and you get your house back! But there’s one more thing you need to do before your relax and enjoy your new floors…. No matter what measures were taken to prevent dust migration, it still somehow has a way of collecting everywhere. Follow these 5 steps to clean your home after a Flooring or Renovation project:

(1.) The first thing you should do is dry dust all of your Countertops, Walls and Trim.

(2.) Then, start cleaning everything else from top-to-bottom. Start with Light Fixtures, Ceiling Fans, Window Treatments and don’t forget HVAC vents and ducts.

(3.) Then, work your way around the house cleaning all Cabinets, Handles, Knobs and Doors. You’ll want to clean basically everything in your house.

(4.) Once you’re done cleaning from the top down, follow the Cleaning & Care guidelines for your Flooring Type

(5.) Change your Air Filters.