Step 1: Sketch the floor plan of the area that you are thinking about carpeting

Measure the Length and Width of each room in your sketch, don’t forget to measure all the way through the doorway space. 

It doesn’t matter which way you label “Length” or “Width” but keep it consistent in each area you sketch. 

If you have more than one story, create separate drawings for each floor.  The drawings don’t have to be to scale, as long as the measurements are accurate.

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Step 2: Multiply the Length x the Width to find out how many total square yards you’ll need

Keep in mind that Carpet comes in 12’ wide rolls so you’ll need to determine where you’ll want the seams to be if any of the areas you’ll be installing new carpet in are longer or wider than 12’.

A few things to think about:

  • Do you want to conserve materials and position seams to save carpet?
  • Would you rather have seams in a certain area only, which could require additional material?
At New Braunfels Flooring, our expert Carpet Estimators do the measuring for you and can quickly determine the most practical seam placement. 

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